After reviewing the images and material that fellow class members uploaded since the start of week four, Ilya, Bekki and I decided to work together to create a micro-project. We felt that our strength as a group were our comfort with interaction and communication on Canvas and Whatsapp. We had noted that we all seem to be on the chat and the weekly tutoring webinars at the same time. Our second strength is that we have varied subject matter interests. We felt that, when combined, we had the opportunity for creating something interesting and different from our regular work.

On day 4 (Monday) of Week 4, we formed our group. Ilya created a group on Canvas where we could share files and talk about direction of the project. We communicated in both the discussion section of the Group, on Canvas, and via our own chat group on WhatsApp. After Ilya had returned from a meeting of a group whose work is bringing the problem of species extinction to the forefront, we made the decision to focus on the them of extinction for our micro project. We decided that we all would take some photos related to the theme and discuss a way forward the following day. Day 5 (Tuesday), we identified the most compelling images, one from each member. Bekkie put forth a moving poem about children growing up with restrictions on how children learn to not appreciate the wild. Ilya authored a poem about the rising sea levels and I located a poem about extinction. We met via Webinar: We decided as a group to produce a book- Each poem would have one photographic illustration. We worked together with power point to create a look we all liked. Bekkie turned our finished power point presentation into a publication, then realized that we may have copyright issues if we publicly display our product. Bekkie and Ilya put forth the idea of displaying via a powerpoint PDF, then creating a slide show in our own Critical Research Journals.

We will present our work during our weekly tutor webinar on day 6 of Week 4.

This content would be published as a square book with the poem and photograph featured as a two-page spread.

Webinar tutorial: We presented our work, Extinction, to our tutor and a group of our peers today. We received feedback that the our work was interesting and effective. If we had the time and were aiming to create a book, that we might have included more pictures, and perhaps, sized all the pictures the same.
I enjoyed viewing other team’s work and it’s amazing the complex and appealing products that were made in such a short amount of time. I suggested that we all should collaborate on a single piece.