Lessons learned: This project required hours of preparation, and time to reflect on the assignment, how I can meet the criteria for evaluation, collecting materials and creating the video. I have learned to appreciate my past work in a different way, mainly, that I have improved in technique and composition over time. I have expanded my field of interests, and become more confident in my ability to approach photography. I also learned that power point is fine for producing a set of JPEGs to utilize in video editing software.

I am looking forward to creating more of the work which I describe in this presentation- mainly, the tableau, but also experimenting with the snap shot. I discovered work to do- like improve my use of lighting and tightening up my composition. In total, this project has been an amazingly rich learning experience.

Note: What is posted here is version two of my oral presentation. A few days after posting, I re-reviewed it and realized that I did not like the ‘ken burns’ effect that I had used in V1. I tweaked the presentation – changed some slides and slide sizes, re-recorded the voice over (several times). Though this project has taken many, many hours (and it’s now midnight), it’s been a valuable exercise which has helped me appreciate my practice, locate my practice among other practitioners, and look ahead to what I would like to explore.