11 October 2019

The theologeion is a raised structure from which the gods spoke. The theo in the word theologeion means ‘god’ and the logeion comes from the Greek word logos, which means ‘word’.

There appear to be at least two methods of developing a project: One in which the project idea exists before the photographs are taken– for example, I could think “I would like to explore the experience of older adulthood in rural America”. I would then need to devise a way of capturing the essence of this theme through photography. A second is when the project appears, and the meaning of the project follows. My current project is like the latter: I was drawn to working with miniature figures and launched a project. The challenge for me is finding out the “why” behind what I am doing.

When working with these figurines, such as with the project Ich bin ein Elastoliner, I created a two-sided stage from some scraps of wallboard (gypsum board). The stage is about 12’x12″x 24″. As the stage is taped together, I can take it apart and rebuild to have an open left side or right side. I have used colored plastic gels to line the stage surface and create a colorful backdop, and used small lights to create spots, and background lighting. While I am referring to it as a stage, it hasn’t become clear to me that it is this until a few days ago.

If I am working with tiny figures on a stage, then who am I to these figures? I did a little research into Greek theater-specifically parts of the stage. I was drawn to the term theologeion— the elevated area where actors who were playing gods . As I create scenes with little figures, I am also playing god.