13 October 2019

About my work: I don’t know if I have found my personal visual style yet. I have worked on several projects and each has had a different feel- and a different goal. I believe that everyone must have thier own style– even if it is not really obvious yet. Certainly I have visual preferences and experiences that must influence my work in some ways.

Honestly, thinking about style and thinking about commerce stresses me out a bit. I don’t have it now, but i think that I will. My thought about art and commerce is that I will do my own projects on the side, then do portraits when I can, for money. I am fortunate to be a nurse, and can at some point work on photography and work part time. Nursing work is easy to come by here and pays well. I don’t have any illusions about being able to transition yet- I still have a kiddo to put through college.

Steps toward commercial work? : I was honored that my photograph,”1957″, was selected for a juried exhibition in a show themed Women at Work. The exhibition will be on display at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont from November 7-30th. I was even more surprised that my work received the Juror’s Award. I will have my portfolio reviewed by Juror Amy Toensing, a regular contributor to the National Geographic.

Week 3: CityID Brief B

Our group had our second meeting and reviewed the photographs we collected. We were looking for commonalities in the photos so that we can define how we will create a visual solution. We met with our instructors on Friday to present our work to date. I acknowledge that our group needs to move a bit more quickly, create a timeline and have a solid visual strategy.