This page is dedicated to displaying a collection of quotes and notes relevant to my current practice, Theologeion. I consider this a working draft which will help to inform my oral presentation. I am critically locating my practice after I have established my practice. As I mentioned in another post, this feels a bit like I am working backwards: justifying a project after the project has launched. From a research perspective, it’s best to create a hypothesis before creating the intervention. But in photography, one might pursue a project because it’s interesting, but ultimately, the work we create arises from our experiences and feelings. So it’s perhaps fair to do first and ask why later?

In talking about photographers, Susan Sontag states that “a doubt persists about the value of realism which keeps them oscillating between simplicity and irony, between insisting on control and cultivating the unexpected…” location 1481. Sontag goes on to say that the “cult of faster…alternates with a wish to return to a more artisanal, purer past when images when images still had a handmade quality or aura.” location 1463.

Sontag, S. On Photography