October 25, 2019: Oral presentation draft presentation opportunity next week. I have been thinking about this, but not ready at all.

October 26, 2019: I have a freelance assignment at the Vermont Institute Natural Science (VINS), a family-friendly outdoor nature and bird preserve. The event is a Halloween-themed walk with entertainment along the way. The walkers were gathered into a building prior to the walk, and one of my colleagues and his family was in attendance. It’s a challenge for me to ask families if I can photograph them, as I am respectful of privacy. I feel more comfortable taking pictures of the entertainment as they expect to be observed. I think my discomfort comes from being a nurse and prioritizing patient privacy. I think that there is an opportunity to think about this differently, as it is a different purposed and audience.

October 27, 2019: I took pictures at a Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast. Every opportunity I have had to take pictures has been a challenge. This time it was the lighting– very harsh overhead lights. I used my LumeCube to light people’s faces with some interesting results. I did not get a picture of a family at a table, which I should have done, but was happy about the picture I took of the former fire chief in front of the fire gear. These assignments are helping me to develop professionally in that each is different and I need to find a way to “solve” the picture problem. I submitted these and the VINS pictures to the newspaper and will wait to see if any are accepted.

October 30, 2019: Photos were accepted from both stories. I have a new assignment for tomorrow night- kids in Halloween costumes, which is fun. I suspect I’ll need supplemental light so will bring the LumeCube and my flash, which I am not so fond of 🙂 Also, I had submitted a few of my photos to Getty Images last week and was accepted into iStock, the subsidiary which is cheaper and pays less per image. I am thinking that I have photos which I would not do anything with anyway that could be making money as stock. I don’t have time to contribute right now, but will plan on doing this in the next couple of weeks.

November 1, 2019: My group presented our draft proposal for the CityID brief project. We only have three more weeks and the pressure is on. We presented our inspiration, critical to quality elements and two solutions which are very different from one another. We received encouraging feedback and an idea of which solution would be the better way forward. Our group will (hopefully) meet this weekend and confirm our plan and work. I have been pushing along three projects and am really exhausted!

I did not start on my oral presentation, nor did I attend any session this week. I am starting my outline now by referring back to what I said I was going to do in my research project proposal.