November 3, 2019:

I have taken a look at the week ahead and we have a couple of things to do. Set up a peer review of our work, watch a lecture, complete some reading and I will also be meeting with my brief group. I noticed that the activity posted for this week is exactly the activity which was posted two weeks ago. I am assuming that this was in error. I feel like the pressure is building as we have 5 weeks left in the term and all three assignments due on December 9th. I am working on my oral presentation and feel pretty good about the theme I am writing about. Of note, my entries are not always in the technically correct section. Sometimes coursework becomes research, etc. I hope that it all makes sense in the end.

November 4, 2019: CityID group B met today to review the feedback which we received from our instructors. We have decided that we will all create images with the blended approach with the expectation that we will have 3-4 strong images to present during our brief. This has been very exciting and challenging work- firstly, to try to understand the brief then to try to come up with a shared solution. I think that we are onto something here- though perhaps it’s just that I like the blended photograph approach.

November 6, 2019: Though I do read and think about photography constantly, this week, i have not been able to write much. Been looking at the next LensCulture contest and reviewing pictures for the possibility of entry. Though it could be a possibility, the probability of being a winner of a contest like this is very slim.

November 8th: Peer Review session with 4 other Sustainable Prospect students this morning. I regret that I had to leave to go to work (we started at 6AM my time), however I was able to present my work and review the WIP of one of my peers. I enjoy the varied impressions and feedback from peers, and left feeling a little more confident about my work and approach. It’s fascinating to see what other student’s have focused on as everyone’s approach and subject are so different. One suggestion for my work was to print one photograph as large to allow the viewer to enjoy the smaller details. I think that going large is a good approach the viewer will be put in the same position as the figures: dominated by the out of focus backgrounds. I may try to ship the printing out rather than trying to print on my outdated printer at home. I think that we have the opportunity to meet again as a group on Sunday morning, which I look forward to.

Week in review: What I learned this week is that personally, the recent change of having two demanding roles at work is exhausting and I am very tired when I get home. Working at photography or reading is difficult, but this will probably change over time. Regarding our weekly discussion, I was surprised that we received the exact same assignment as we had two weeks ago. I was honestly going to ignore it, but my colleagues posted, so I did, too. Regarding blogging like this, I think that I may be posting entries in the wrong categories as there is overlap– for example, coursework can become research, or work in progress may also be research. I am still not sure who buys photography, and for that reason, am glad I don’t have to depend on selling it for income.