This week, I gained some insight into how to manage my IG site more effectively. I learned that there is an algorithm which promotes the images of accounts which post more often, and that strategy is key to promoting ones work. I made changes to my IG account: I thought it all looked very random, so I pulled off my content, and am pushing content out using an app which slices my work into pieces. So far, I think it does produce a more organized look, but I do wonder about the sustainability of this approach. I noted that I got many more likes on the material which appeared to be abstract in smaller bits– like each image could stand on it’s own. I didn’t do so well when there were sections which were essentially black– no surprise. See the screen shot below:

Screenshot from my IG account

In addition, I have used @ to send a few of my postings to artists in the Atomic Photographer’s guild. I did receive a like from one of them, which is very exciting.

As I have a full time career, I don’t feel like I need to be out selling my work at this point. When I reach that point, I will need to have a solid background in social media marketing, so I think it is important that I, at least, give this a try.

What I don’t like about social media is the “likes” which adds an unhealthy popularity contents atmosphere. Social media can create a false sense of popularity– or lack of popularity which can seem personal. Knowing that there is a algorithm which ensures that popular accounts stay popular, and that IG brings in billions per year, the whole experience requires a healthy dose of skepticism.