7 April 2020

Work published in Issue 01 of Quarantzine: Click Here

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24 March 2020
Egg features all these awesome COVID-19 related illustrations in a super awesome Zine format. Why Zine? Hey, why not… and it is a bit more fun than using a copier : )

We are experiencing a pandemic of epic proportions. Life has changed for all people- from the self-quarantine to the run on toilet paper. Viruses are particularly repulsive in that they attack cells and inject viral DNA- turning the cell into a breeding ground of the virus (ick). Viruses are also beautiful in an organic, almost flower-like way. Seeing the global spread in real-time, or near- real time was scary, and as a healthcare worker, I was very worried about how we would take care of all the sick people if the virus continued to spread unchecked. I was more concerned that the government was not moving fast enough to prevent the spread of the disease, and most concerned about people who didn’t think that this pandemic was a big deal. My images change over time as my feelings toward the pandemic changed. My first composite image is below, when I felt like the pandemic was going spread with the force of an atomic bomb. My last images were more hopeful as the strategy to best manage COVID19 developed. The big wave of sick patients which was predicted for my area did not occur, and, as a healthcare professional, I feel more confident about our future.

21 May 2020
Coronavirus capers:

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