I am a student of photography based in Hanover, New Hampshire USA.  I am passionate about the photographic image, through whatever means of creation. I worked primarily with film for many years and am developing my skills as a digital photographer. My current interests lie in revealing the human experience through the captured image, such as street or photo-journalistic style, and through the conceived, or stylized, image.

I have Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Nursing Science and have been working as a nurse for 24 years. Working in the health care field informs my practice. There is a saying in nursing that “once a nurse, always a nurse”, which means to me that my experience and education has shaped the way I see the world. I interested in exploring themes regarding the social determinants of health, mental health issues and caring. I studied fine arts at university for two years, and although I left school to be a dishwasher, my work is informed by my art experience.  

Climbing to the perfect shot. Joshua Tree National Park, California.