29 September 2019.

I believe that my current practice is located in Fine Art.  I appreciate that we are working through questions such as this one in this MA program as it has allowed me to look at other’s photo practice and to start to categorize mine. I think that if I was asked what type of photography I would do before I started this course, I might have said documentary.   At this point I am working on my own, not with other professionals. This may be because a) I am developing professional contacts, but currently have very few or b) because my work has not required me to work with others.  I wonder if over time as I meet other photographers that I will start to collaborate. I have entered works in a couple of local shows and am interested to see what contacts I may make with the professional community.

What surprised me this week is the information on being a business.  I appreciate the information and creating a business will be arduous in comparison to the material we covered today.  I think that i have begun to work toward creating a brand, or business-and have created a website and a dedicated Instagram page. What challenged me this week is being off my game.  I am having a hard time, right now, and am struggling with the autumn blues.